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Hi to everyone. My name is Derek P. The certo_ceto is a throw back to my time in the Royal Signals, where my "call Name" was 'SWIFT'.So I got called the latin term certo!
I'm looking forward to writing about the experiences that occured in the home that I lived in after I married in the early 70's...it made my hair curl!

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Ian Topham
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Re: Hello

Hi Derek, welcome to the website :)

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Neil Boothman
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Re: Hello

Welcome Derek, I'm looking forward to your contributions.

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Re: Hello

Hi Derek Welcome to the site!

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Re: Hello

Just to say hello to everyone, as I believe its only polite to do! I joined the site a couple of days ago and must say I find it very interesting and helpful - especially the maps. Not very good at 'Internet technicalities' so please forgive that weakness. I am a psychic investigator, by the way. I put up one post when I joined on the replies to the Gatehouse article on the main page. I would appreciate it if anybody maybe has any information there.
Anyway, nice to be here,

David Farrant

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Daniel Parkinson
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Re: Hello

Hi Derek (Certo)  - welcome, I had a mate in the signals - he always said they were: first in, last out - I assumed he meant in action rather than on personal matters.

Hope you enjoy  the site.

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