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Hi, obviousy i am new to this site and up to now am quite impressed with what ive seen although many conversations seemed to have stopped some time ago.

Anyway, i have a long history of strange things happening around me and ive gone from hearing noises, having feelings i was not alone, hearing conversations in rooms where there are no people, having many many dreams that came true (very frightening coz they were all about plane or train crashes), it got to the point i started blocking everything and resenting the dreams as people called me weirdo and other names you can probably imagine and now ive come full  circle and i am actually fascinated by the subject and want to learn all about it. Im not the kind of person who would appreciate being scared out of my wits i am definitely not a thrill seeker but i am very interested in developing my spiritual side and understaning about paranormal activity, what it is and when its real and when its not. If all that makes any kind of sense.  :-)

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Re: Hello

Hi Angel, the forum tends to work in bursts of activity and then periods of being quiet.  I have no doubt it will kick start itself again soon.  I am glad your liking the site.  If you keen on learning more about paranormal investigation, you might want to consider joining an organisation such as ASSAP.  It probably wouldn't help your spiritual journey but it may help you identify experiences that can be explained and those that need further consideration.

Our Facebook Group is a bit more active than our forum at the moment.

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Re: Hello

Hello Angel.  I think if your having spiritual experiences you should play about with them a little.  Make you own mind up about them over time but most of all enjoy it :)



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