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Hi everyone,

Following Kim from our team.

I too have been investigating the paranormal for about 5 years and if anything have become more sceptical of some issues but then am also a firm believer in some others which really does make our team a mixed bag.

We have great fun doing what we do and are the best of friends. We pride ourselves on being open to peer review with all of our stuff and do not rely on any circumstances that are not hard fact. We describe what happens and what we feel but not 'information gathered by other means' as we believe this does not quantify as evidence and is not reliable in anyway. Anything done by way of clairvoyant means to obtain such information is not (in our book) a valid investigative method as its means and results cannot be substantiated.

Looking forward to some interesting discussions.


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Hi Dave "Hi Kim If your

Hi Dave

"Hi Kim

If your group aren't to fussed about the cold there is a place in hertfordshire called cold christmas thats well worth a visit, I got quite obsessed with it a few years ago because of all the storys around the old church at the time i didn't belive in the paranormal so to speak it creeped me out but i've been there a few times on my own taking photos and stuff but i couldn't call it an investigtion. if you guys ever do go i'd be interested in hearing about it."

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Hi Dyvid, Whereabouts in

Hi Dyvid,

Whereabouts in Herts is that? We are governed by distance and time to get to places. It may be viable and we will consider it.


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Hi Dave

Welcome to the forum/site

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Hi Dave, Welcome aboard, I

Hi Dave,

Welcome aboard, I look forward to seeing your posts :)


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Hi Dave, welcome to

Hi Dave, welcome to Mysterious Britain & Ireland.

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Hello and welcome! :D

Hello and welcome! :D


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