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  Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been a Ufologist and Paranormal Investigator for eighteen years, I also have my own radio station and show and was wondering if you would like a weekly spot on my show with me?

It's all voluntary based and is so much fun, so I'm planning on changing weekly shows plus we are going to be doing live on the air Ghost Hunts and UFO Hunts etc.

If your interested please feel free to email me back and let me know then we can talk about what we need to do, my radio station and show has only been running for three months and we already have over six thousand listeners world wide and I'm hoping with the help of new people that we can make this something big.

We have some of my good friends on my show soon ones like Pat Uskert and William Birnes from UFO Hunters tv show, Ben Hansen from Fact Or Faked tv show, mediums Colin Fry and Derek Acorah so it's going to be a lot of fun, also advertise yourselves and your work as much as you like.

We do cover most topics such as ufology, paranormal, conspiracies, cover ups etc so it's an entertaining show and we would love you to be a part of it, you can choose the time you want to be on air and what day apart from Tuesdays and Thursdays, you obviously will be on the air with me via internet connection, this I will speak to you about if your interested, plus if your confident enough I'm more than happy to let you be on the air on your own but not right away as I like to see how you work.

I hope I hear from you and look forward to your reply,
All the best,
Karl aka Jester 

call 07706 405 823

Feel free to advertise live on air (it's free to advertise)

There are only limited spots on my show so please get in touch thank you.  /



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