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Can Animals Detect Ghosts?

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i think that anemals have

i think that anemals have sumthing coald seckand site [or smell]

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Can Animals Detect Ghosts,

In my opinion yes i believe they can, See what you think of this?.  My daughter and her fianc'e have just moved into, i think they are over one hundred year old!!, old railway cottages.. They have a small twelve week old pup,.My daughter related this incident to me. Friday morning last week, which would have been Jan 2nd, her and the pup were in the living room, waiting for her fianc'e to come home from work,, the pup who had been fast asleep, jumped up and started barking and growling, around by the old fireplace which is now blocked up,. My daughter said ''it was as if the pup knew there was someone there, that shouldn't have been'', just by the fireplace wall, there is a door leading to the stairs, to go up to the bedrooms, this was shut so as to keep in the heat, all of a sudden my daughter said, ''there were two knocks on the other side of this door'', she picked up the pup, and waited on the settee untill her fianc'e arrived,, alas he poo!!! pooed it!! he doesn't believe in the paranormal,. Even her fianc'es friends, have told him, while he and my daughter were on holiday, they too heard things in the house many times, I believe they have not lost, so to speak,  their 'sixth sense'' and they are more tuned in, and are able to see and hear,  unlike some people who have lost theirs. that is my opinion, Kez 1 xx

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Thanks for that Kez.  A

Thanks for that Kez.  A possible natural explaination is that there was something else there, maybe vermin of somekind that the dog smelt and was reacting to.  What a shame your daughter didn't investigate further....though I realise it would have been a scary situation.  

Having recently moved to their new home they may not yet be familiar with the bumps and groans of the building and sometimes this is mistaken paranormal activity.  I'm not saying that is definately what it was but it is something everybody should bare in mind when in a new environment.

What sort of things did their friends hear in the house Kez?

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What about the possibility

What about the possibility of a soot fall in the chimney - when you say it's blocked up, is this with stone or with a wooden cover? I use to live in a flat with a boarded up fireplace and quite often, especially after it had been raining, you would get lumps of soot falling and hitting the wooden cover. Quite scary the first time, but something you soon get use to.

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Can Animals Detect Ghosts

Thanks guys for getting back to me, on this one,.!!  I asked my daughter this morning, what her friends had heard?  On Saturday her three friends were spending the night with my daughter and her fianc'e, Everything was fine when they all went to bed,. On the Sunday the two friends who were sleeping downstairs, were awoken by, two very loud knocks on the stairs door, thinking this may be my daughter, her fianc'e and her friend, wanting to come into the living room, but knocked first to see if her and her partner were awake,. the friend and her partner both called out, hello!!! yes we're up!! but they said no-one answered, When they told my daughter of what they both heard, my daughter said as not to frighten them, it may have been the post!!, untill she realised it was Sunday,.  So they didn't know what to make of it?. My daughter's fianc'es two friends were staying there one evening, and they said they could hear as if someone was walking around upstairs, they could also hear the knocks, her fianc'e told me his two friiends won't stay there now unless he and my daughter are there, They still hear from time to time but are choosing to ignore it,.  I showed my daughter, the two reply's and she said  '' of the two she tends to agree with Ian thank you Ian,. and the second reply; her fianc'es mother!! said only the other day,  ''the fireplace is blocked up with the wooden cover and it had been snowing, something could easily have fallen down the chimney'' thank you also Agricola, for your feed back. Kez 1 xx

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Ian Topham wrote: In
Ian Topham wrote:

In Mysteries of the Unknown by Usborne they mention a test with four differant animals. It is a kids book but I have found this study referred to on net.....with no names or details though .

It supposedly took place in Kentucky and a dog, cat, rat and rattlesnake were each placed individually in a haunted room and then in a control room. In the control room they acted normally and in the haunted room they got very disturbed reactions from the dog, cat and rattlesnake. The rat gave no reaction.

Have any other studies been done?

I don't know but I find it interesting that the rattlesnake had a reaction, since the only thing thier sensorium has in common other then the visible spectrum with the cat and dog is a sensitivity to heat and enhanced sense of smell, however, the rat, with an even higher sense of smell, had no reaction at all.  Cats and dogs, if memory serves, can see slightly higher into the inferred then we can.  Rattlesnakes have heat sensing organs in thier heads to detect camoflaged prey.   Whether this has any bearing, I have no idea, but it's fuel for further study.

Summum Nec Metuam Diem Nec Optima

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Ian Topham
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Maybe the answer doesn't

Maybe the answer doesn't rely on the usual senses like sight, touch, smell etc.  Maybe they hallucinated.

It makes me wonder if that room is haunted 24hrs a day, 7 days a week or were they just lucky when they stuck the animals in.  Or maybe they were reacting to something else.  If we can't identify and measure ghosts then how can they be 100% sure one was present and hence, how much value can be placed on the experiment.

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maybe it was just a local

maybe it was just a local phenomena like plate tectonics or an underground water source causing vibrations that the animals could pick up on. Bit vague really imho



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