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I apparentl attract spirit activity!?

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My story is rather lengthy but for the sake of not boring anyone to sleep i will put it in a nutshell. 

For as long as i can remember i have had spirits around me and although i haven't seen many (and i say many because sometimes i don't know if i have seen something or not) i have heard them, felt them and sensed them.  I have never known who they are or what they want.  I have never had a nasty one that wants to harm me but i have had what would i would call a negative spirit just by the senses i was picking up. 

Anyway, the strange thing that i have always wondered, is why is it that every time i move house i end up with spooks!!!  I mean i move into a house and i don't sense anything at all and within a few weeks there is activity.  Some things (like moving ornaments, footsteps, lights going on and off) are similar but i know its the not same because it feels different.  So i began to wonder if it was me that was attracting them.  I have been to see a clairvoyant who told me that i do attract them and i currently have spirits with me.  Now....i really don't mind this and i know that they mean me no harm at all but the same doesn't go for my husband! Whenever i am not here and he is on his own the bed starts shaking and feels really uneasy in the house, the last time he said he felt like his toes were being pinched.  He won't turn the lights off because of it.  Trust me, he is not frightened easily and didn't really believe to any extent until he met me and experienced these things.  So....why do they do this? 

We have both actually heard it speak at the same time! We were saying night night to each other and there was  whisper right in the middle of us just above our heads! we both thought each other had said something but couldn't quite make out what was said. 



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