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Keeping The Paranormal Friendly

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I am sure that you have probably come across people who have had bad experiences with paranormal groups, paranormal entertainment companies and locations that allow people in to investigate them.  There seems to be quite a few problems in the investigating community, so much so that there is even a 'Keeping The Paranormal Friendly' group now.

Even on the occult side of things I have come across terms such as Bitchcraft that highlights splits between various practitioners.

Personally I have never had a real problem.  Have you?

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 I have met some quite

 I have met some quite nasty people to be honest, in various spiritual healing groups and amongst pagans and wiccans. I'm not saying this is the general rule, but it's been something of a factor for me keeping myself and my interests to myself. Nothing I can really explain too easily, but a lot of things like irrational sabotage of other's work, malicious gossip, threats and so forth. Thankfully I've gone under the radar for much of it, but there have been incidents. 



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