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A simple test for clairvoyance / mediumship etc

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Re: A simple test for clairvoyance / mediumship etc

Hi to everyone,
I answered yes to all the questions but 1. I don't call myself psychic, or really tell anyone about my "stuff" lol
I just don't believe in coincidence. I feel everyone has this ability, maybe they just choose not to acknowledge it.
Anyways, just my thoughts. Have a great day : )

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Re: A simple test for clairvoyance / mediumship etc

I have to say yes to most of those except for the phone thing but I rarely used a phone back then, I don't know what it is I am but hearing weird stuff kind of creeps me out sometimes to be honest. >_> Before I get a text I'll pick my phone up and know exactly who it will be. At my house when I sit in this one spot I can hear someone walk up behind me and it's like they are breathing on me, but I am at home alone. Before a really good or bad thing happens I get a weird feeling. If something happy is going to happen it fees like I am buzzing all over but if it is sad I get this weird feeling of dread. I'm just a teen so this is all rather, scary, to me. Maybe I am over reacting?

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Re: A simple test for clairvoyance / mediumship etc

i only answered the first 10 ones with a yes the last one no
what does this mean!?


γνώσεις μου είναι μεγάλη, αλλά το πάθος μου είναι ισχυρότερη

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Re: A simple test for clairvoyance / mediumship etc

but i am only 11 so..


γνώσεις μου είναι μεγάλη, αλλά το πάθος μου είναι ισχυρότερη

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Re: I have to be honest and

Your notes about the radio reception as a child, may not be as way out as you think.  I don't know the scientific reasons behind any of this but:

My parents lived in Folkestone in Kent, quite close to the cliff top overlooking the channel.  In the 60/70s when I was growing up, the window frames were still the metal ones (ok, yes I am that old to remember coal fires and no double glazing).  I do actually think the metal window frames are relevent here.  I remember sitting in the living room one night, with the TV off, and my father with me.  We could both here, audibly, morse code.  This wasn't some sort of paranormal experience, I'm sure that somehow, the morse (which was still used on the ships in the channel then) was somehow being picked up by the metal window frames which were acting as an antennae of some sort.

This happened more than once, but not that regularly to be fair, so maybe there were atmospheric conditions at play too.

I just wondered if anyone else can say that there is a scientific reason for this, and that might explain in some ways your experience too?



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Re: A simple test for clairvoyance / mediumship etc

I have a question around being psychic or being a medium? I have seen a few things in my time usually when I am not expecting to see anything... for example I went to an old tavern with a boyfriend in a small town in Norfolk sometime ago and as we walked in the door I saw a man walk past me in clothing from around 100  years ago and he had a flat cap on and was straightening it up on his way out and was leaving the bar (he was not a person becasue when I turned to see him again he had vanished). I had some very strange experiences as a child and sometimes I see things, but it is not something I can turn on or of. I have strong instincts about people and things, but I wonder is this me being over sensitive about things also? i have seen so many things, but half the time I don't think about them because its of no interest tio anyone.

I have had one clairvoyent experience I think where someone I cared about died when I was about 16 and on his years anniversary I conducted a Seance I had never done one before but it was a first time and I really believed I could do it, and I did and this person came through I could hear him laughing, it sounded like he was far away but I could hear him and the light was flickering at the table.

Another time  freind of mine was having difficulties in her house, she felt there was unrest there and I conducted a house cleansing  to rid the house of negative energy. She had wanted to sell the house but had not been able to; I did the house clearing and she said the house felt a lot better and a month later she sold it?

I don't know if some of this stuff is clairvioyant, or medium abiliies I have or whether it is all some weird coincidence..?

If it was that I was psychic in some way how do I develop this. I used to be in to spiritual things, but I have lost this; though I still see things though not as much.

Please advise anyone... Thanks

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Re: A simple test for clairvoyance / mediumship etc

Have you ever seen a Spirit person or ghost?

Just because you see a ghost doesn't make you clairvoyant or a medium. Millions of people have said that at one time or another they have had a paranormal experience and those millions don't consider their experience to mean that they are clairvoyant or a medium.

2.) Have you ever heard someone calling your name when you are alone?

Just because you hear a ghostly voice calling your name doesnt make you clairvoyant or a medium.  There many reason for this type of paranormal experience.

3.)Have you ever smelled scents that should not be there,i.e strong perfume,flowery scents,even pipe smoke?

Smelling strong scents that shouldn't be is not always a sign of psychic, clairvoyant or medium ability. Thousands to millions of people around the world have had paranormal experiences of this nature and it doesn't mean their psychic or a medium.

4.)Do you often perceive movement out of the corner of your eye when you are reading,watching t.v etc?

There are many reason why a person might see movement out of the corner of their eye while doing other things it does not that person has psychic, clairvoyant and medium abilities

5.)Do you ever feel watched or not alone in a room,when you know no one else is home?

Again there are a whole bunch of reasons why someone could be feeling that they are being watched.  While this can be a sign of paranormal activity in a person home it can also be a sign of mental illness.  But it is not a sign of psychic, clairvoyant or  medium abilities.


6.)Are you sensitive to 'feelings' you get off people you meet,for example,do you instinctivelly sense they are good or bad?The same goes for objects,buildings and areas?

Lots of people without psychic abilities have instincts its part of the human condition.  Every human being makes instinctive choices about things including there thoughts on other people this has more to do with psychology and sociology than it does to whether or not a person has psychic abilities

7.)Do you often have hunches,such as taking a offramp you would never ussually take on your way back from work,and then later hearing on the traffic report that traffic was halted by a accident etc?

Again this answer is similar to the answer to question six, instincts is something that every human being has psychic or not it is not a sign of psychic abilities

8.) Before the advent of cellphones,did you often know who it was on the other end of the line before picking up the phone?

Often people know who phones them on a daily basis so its easy to guess whose calling you at certain times during the day.

9.) Do you think your pet can read your mind when you have some relaxed time together,or ever feel that you are getting images or feelings of what youre pet thinks?

Reading your pets mind is not a sign that you are psychic, the psychology of the way a pet behaves, if it is a dog or cat that loves its food and suddenly becomes dis-interested in food means one of two things its depressed or there is a medical problem.  It’s psychology not psychic ability.

10.)Have you ever got the sense of off someone that they are ill(before they know or tell you that they are),or that they will die soon?Do they 'feel'kind off fainter than normal,as if they are not wholly with you in this realm,but allready started to cross over in some sense?

This is the only question that may be a sign of precognitive or premonition ability.

11.)Do you sometimes feel like a sponge that absorbs too much of other peoples energies,feelings etc?

This is question has more to do with what we professional psychic mediums call psychic vampires, it is not a sign of psychic or medium ability.

these question can be found on a number of silly so called psychic sites found off various google lists and its obvious that the majority of sites havent got  a clue about anything psychic related.





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Re: A simple test for clairvoyance / mediumship etc

 Psychic is psychic ,mediums are Mediums there is difference between the two. Psychics can only  read  the  auric field  for information.  Mediums have a heightened sense of the Spirit world. Only. Mediumship has  Clairvoyance,clairaudience. and clairsentience.  Clairvoyance  is not a seperate   from  Mediumship.  Mediums are born not made  and it   runs I  families. It is also rare   which has been given  credence by Dr Felipe Oliviera of Sao Paulo  university Brazil.  He has discovered after many years of research that mediums have more  "Brown sand" or calcification than non mediums. these crystals act as transmitters and receivers to the Spirit Realms. 
Mediumship is  as old as mankind, the ancient Egyptians,Greeks and other societies had their own state  Oracles, they were chosen for  sensitivity  and the Gift of Mediumship.  They were respected.


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Re: A simple test for clairvoyance / mediumship etc

Interesting blog, and comments. Personally, I answered all but question 9, in the positive. I still believe however, that everyone has the ability to tap into these realms....and also, our ancient ancestors had the ability as well. Somewhere along the generational march, it has been temporarily lost through any number of distractions. Interestingly, certain 'triggers' tend to jar it back into the consciousness. It's refreshing to know that there are others who exhibit these tendencies.



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