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Irish Spiritualism

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We have recently been contacted by a reader asking if we know of any Spiritualist Churches in Ireland.  From what I can gather, Spiritualism is not as wide spread in Ireland as it is in the United Kingdom.  Does anyone where a list of Irish churches can be found?

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Maybe this can help...

Maybe the Spiritualist Society of Ireland can be of help. Contacts here: .


"Louhi spoke in riddled tones of three things to achieve: find and catch the Devil's Moose and bring it here to me. Seize the Stallion born of Fire, harness the Golden Horse. He captured and bound the Moose, he tamed the Golden Horse. Still there remained one final task: hunt for the Bird from the Stream of Death"

-Kalevala, Rune XIII-

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Spiritualist church in Belfast

The Belfast Spiritualist Church is situated in Malone Avenue off the Lisburn road in Belfast.



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