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The Bray Road Beast

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This is without a doubt the most famous werewolf story in America, although sometimes it acts more like a shapeshifter than a werewolf. 

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Re: The Bray Road Beast

Great link bedb.  looks like I'll have to get some more American cases on the site.

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Re: The Bray Road Beast

I'm telling my friends to check you out. We really love UK and British Isles paranormal stuff.
I've posted a link on the *gossip* group I belong to.

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Re: The Bray Road Beast

I really like Troy Taylor (White Chapel Press, Prairie Ghosts website). He has a nice writing style and is at least willin to consider the case he's writing about could be mistaken identity, a hoax etc.
The Bray Road Beast is a well known case (I personally believe it was a hoax) but it seems quite strange to me American writers have been quite ready and willing to call werewolves in cause while pretty much ignoring their own skinwalker tradition.


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