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do vampires really exist ?

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That's a really interesting

That's a really interesting theory Domus. The people who you've experienced this 'psychic draining' with - are they random individuals, colleagues, members of the same family? Was there a connection between any of them to each other? Do you think they were aware of what they were doing and if so, what would be the motive, apart from benefitting from the positive energy from others?

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in answer to Someonstoles questions:

As I said earlier...I really wouldnt know if there are bloodsucking vampires,apart from some species of bat that is,but psychic vampires the INTENTIONAL and unintentional kind Do exist.
It is rare to find it on a intentional level,and the few times I have experienced this,or seen it done to other people around me,I always sensed that the 'vampire'was perfectly aware of what he/she was doing,tapping in conciously into a unsuspecting persons energy/lifesource,whatever you would like to call it.
Let me explain,have you ever walked about in a pretty garden or woodlands on a lovelly summers day,inhaled all the scents,litterally feeling the goodness of the earth soak into you from the feet upwards?I am sure everyone has,reverse that..suck out the 'goodness'of a human whilst psychically 'walking over them..
As for your sister,youre right,I dont think it is intentional,mostly with her I suspect that because her auric field is so dark,hectic with all kinds of negative trapped energies,whenever you are in her company,a little bit of it rubs of on you.Rather than actually sucking it up likle some demented Hoover..hehehe.

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In answer to BaobhanSith

I have never thought of this as particularly interresting :-), but thats maybe because I am so used to it.

In answer,the people who I have experienced this with over my 35 years on this planet,is totally random.
And no,I havent met up with a whole clan of them all at once,thank God,I am well protected by the Light always,but wouldnt ever tempt fate if I did come across a few of them,and make them aware that I am AWARE of them..uuurgh.
As for your question about if they are aware,please see my detailed answer to Someonstoles.
Hmm,interresting question about what the benefits would be,it is quite obvious though isnt it?What do you when you run low on energy...?you refuel of course,be it with a snack,a energy drink etc.These 'vampires'do the exact same,they refuel.

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Sounds totally creepy.....................

 Love the "Demented Hoover" comment though. LOL

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someonestole shell
someonestole shell wrote:

 Love the "Demented Hoover" comment though. LOL

Hehehe,it only now struck me as really funny too,after seeing youre reply,lol.

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Domus Ventorum wrote:Think
Domus Ventorum wrote:

Think a bit about this Mysteryshopper,I am sure you have experienced this before?

Where do I come into this? I haven't even contributed to this thread until now!

Have I come across people whose very presence makes me feel tired? Not until they start talking, in my experience.

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 Surely this is less about

 Surely this is less about some alleged 'psychic' affect and more about learned behaviour patterns. You come across someone who has traits or interests you're not interested in. You don't engage with the person or what they are saying, so your mind wonders. At the end of the conversation you leave thinking 'what a dull conversation that was. Ten minutes seemed like twenty'. You build on this everytime you see that person or are in a similar situation with someone else and you learn to associate them with the huge mental effort needed to remain engaged, so you start to feel mentally drained whenever your in that sort of situation. 

I get it whenever someone talks about football. I'm simply not interested and put on a fake smile, nod every so often while actually thinking about what I'll cook for my tea. I've an aquantance that I've known for years, and frequently bump into through work things, and whereas we once got along okay, the past few years I find that he always talks about himself and how great his work is, and over the years I've learned to totally switch off when I meet him. I'm happier to duck out of the way when he's around because I know what he'll talk about and how uninteresting he is. It's now at the stage where I feel exhausting just thinking about trying to hold a conversation with him!

So it's all down to learned behaviour and nothing to do with psychic vampires. Any psychology book will telll you that.

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Was there a mention of

Was there a mention of psychic vampires in Dion Fortunes Psychic Seld Defence?  I seem to recall reading something about this type of effect somewhere.

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It's an interesting idea,

It's an interesting idea, but I feel that there's more evidence for the premise of unconcious subtle reading of people's faces prompting unexpected emotional reactions than psychic vampirism. If you're receiving, for example, a below or above average galvanized skin response to a person, then you're going to end up feeling "put-off" that person. 
It's actually quite a powerful effect. Normally when one sees and recognizes a human face, especially with loved ones, you have a significant GSR. If, due to brain damage or illness, this fails, the individual concerned can become very distressed and paranoid that their families have been replaced with robots or aliens. They conciously can recognize the face but there's no physical emotional response. Imagine this in response to a stranger, wouldn't they seem strangely cold and 'odd', even if they were smiling? There's also some evidence that this runs on a subconcious tract, as in patients who fail to recognize faces (and by that i mean, they can usually tell a face is a face, they just can't say who it is, or describe it easily) they still exhibit an GSR to pictures of their families, although they're usually unaware of it. 

There's also some work that shows stronger responses to faces that look the most like ourselves or people emotionally close to us, and I'm sure there's also something on symmetry of faces. I'd have to look it all up though, just to be sure. 

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Hmm...  oddly enough I

Hmm...  oddly enough I think I experianced soemthing like that once.  Or at least a very odd coincidence.  I was on a bus in Pittsburgh whe na woman who didn't normally ride that route got on.  A little while later I woke up again just as she was getting off the bus, along with appearently, everyone else on the bus.  Several people complainedthey missed their stops, and I always wondered what happened that twelve people fell asleep simultainously...

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