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Imber Village - "Ghost Town"

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I brought this up a few years ago.

Imber village is a small-ghost town, situated in Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, UK. 
Back in the time of the second world war, Imber was forcefully evacuated with the promise of it's return after the war, this never happened. The goverment took over it so American troops have extra space and "Buildings" to practice the D-Day landings. 60 years later, this has not been given back, even with many court cases it has never been given back due to it's great.. secrets. It's opened for a couple of days a year, for easter, the village church, has NEVER been touched by army. Resident and familys of them can visit the graveyard under escort from the Police. The residents, loved the village, and they fought the idea about evacuating, most of them are dead by now, it is said that the village is haunted by many ghosts, this include groundskeeper's and old residents.

This is a recount of a story told my a Territorial Army soldier, who is my dad:
He was speaking to the grounds keeper, or the guard of the village, they were talking about the church, and the various other parts of the village, they spent a good couple of hours talking, and a few weeks later, when he returned on a exercise, another ground keeper was there, and he spoke to him, and told him about the other ground keeper, basically he told him that he's the only one, and the last one before him died 6 months ago.

As you enter the village, you feel a "not alone" presence, it's old buildings looking at you.. the wood's feeling like it's alive. The village pub, the old one is now abandoned. People report hearing cheer's of old regulars.

Moving on from them storys, there's been reports of Witchcraft up there. Back in the 18th to 19th Century, their was apparently witchcraft activity. There's been no confirmation of this.
But on a trip i went there, next to a parking lot, just off it, was a small old bottle, obviously dugged up by army activity.
This was a old medicine used by  them in the 18th to 19th century.

Once you visit this place, you will feel it's spooky feeling.
Anyone got other experiences of the place, or any comments?

 It is a criminal and civil crime to enter this area, when it's not under it's regular open time or during escort.

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Re: Imber Village - "Ghost Town"
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Re: Imber Village - "Ghost Town"

Great link above but from my own experience Imber is a much better place to visit when it is open over Christmas and New year. The strange feeling you get there of isolation and ghostliness is far more pronounced in the dead of winter.
Also the church and graveyard are sometimes open then. The first time I went into the church was very strange. It was completely empty of any furniture or items you would expect to find in a church except for a decorated Christmas tree which was really surreal!
I live fairly locally to Imber and have visited every Christmas for the past few years and I always get shivers up my spine when I catch the first glimpse of the church spire in the distance. There is such a feeling of emptiness and sadness there. Sometimes you get the strange feeling of long gone villagers watching you from the shells of the few old houses that still remain.
I have always felt an odd fascination and connection to Imber and so imagine how I felt when I did my family tree last year and discovered that my family came from Imber!! Really weird!!!

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Re: Imber Village - "Ghost Town"

I read about this village in Weird England I think. It sounds very familiar.



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