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The Swansea Devil

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Hi, I'm new here, and was wondering if anyone knows anything about the swansea devil?

All I know is from wikipedia

I have tried searching through online newspaper archives and apart from lots of adverts asking for donations toward the cost of building the church I have not been able to find out anything about the church or its iconoclast.

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Re: The Swansea Devil

Having lived in Swansea for a bit I cannot hold back:

here's a bit of story and some vintage pictures:

here's another page with pictures of the present location:


"Louhi spoke in riddled tones of three things to achieve: find and catch the Devil's Moose and bring it here to me. Seize the Stallion born of Fire, harness the Golden Horse. He captured and bound the Moose, he tamed the Golden Horse. Still there remained one final task: hunt for the Bird from the Stream of Death"

-Kalevala, Rune XIII-



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