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White Rabbit

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This morning I awoke and instinctively found myself saying "White Rabbit", a custom that I grew up with (Lancashire/Yorkshire border) suggesting that by saying White Rabbit on the first of the month before uttering any other words will bring good luck.

I mentioned it at work and somebody who was brought up on the Scottish border says it should be "Pinch, punch, first the month" that you say, whilst pinching and punching someone.

Other examples used throughout the English speaking world are  "Rabbits" and  "Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits".

Does anyone else do this or something similar?

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Re: White Rabbit

With me it's White Rabbits (plural)

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Re: White Rabbit

Embarrassingly yes I do!

The version I use is to turn round three times and say White Rabbits at the end of each turn.

Normally ending each turn facing East or North, depending on whether I feel in Pagan or Judeo-Christian mode!

Sometimes of course it's not possible to do it without speaking to anyone beforehand, especially if, say, you wake up bursting for the loo and you're confronted by your wife/GF or family member with demanding questions about whatever, before you get a chance to say it.
I reckon it'll still have some effect. Dunno where the custom originates though, maybe that's something else to satisfy my curiousity about too.



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