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Can You Interact With Ghosts?

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Re: Can You Interact With Ghosts?


I am reasonably convinced that there are a class of apparitional experiences that are the product of the experient's impressions of information that in some way becomes relevant to them. The so-called "residual" or "hauntnig" apparitions are examples of these. There is, in other words, something about a place or a thing with which living people interact that produces the mental image of another time or place. Essentially these experients seem to be reading the memories of those involved with that place or thing.

On the other hand, the interactive apparitional events seem at first quite different. Until we realize that two things are true in the data: 1) sometimes experients are unsure initially if they experience an interactive or residual apparition, and 2) different experients may have differing experiences with what appears to be the same apparition. In other words, some might perceive the same apparition as residual while others perceive it as interactive. The famous Morton ghost was a wonderful example of this. Rose Morton had some experiences with the late woman of the house that were highly interactive and other experiences that seemed more residual.

So it appears we are looking for a mechanism that can explain both types of apparitions. But what is that mechanism? I think it is the same mechanism that makes it possible for two living people to know what each other is thinking, or for a remote viewer to locate a target to which he or she has never been or that makes it possible for a medium to know, in advance, characteristics and traits of a sitter they will read later that day. Every one of these phenomena and abilities suggests some form of tuning or, as I have come to call, relevance bonding.

If you think about how you think on a daily basis, we have lots of information in our heads. We don't focus on everything at once. Those who try to do so (and you know who you are) get little accomplished in fact. We simply are not wired for that level of multi-tasking much as we might wish to the contrary. So we prioritize. We prioritize based on the relevance of the thought to the current moment. This is likely based originally in our species' survival. At one time it was important if the predator was at the cave door. Today we are concerned if the boss is standing near the desk, or the significant other is nearby and the assigned household chore is undone. You get the idea: relevance is important.

This well may apply when it comes to bonds across individual as it relates to our memories. There is interesting mathematical theory that suggests our minds might exist in hyperspace. This would mean that our memories are there. We may bond to these information hyper spaces because they are of highest relevance to us. What after all is more important than our memories? Actually the answer is, nothing is more important!

So what would happen if we found a way to establish a relevance bond to someone else's memories? We would have psi cognitive phenomena and abilities. And if we found a way to selectively influence that other information space, we would have a way to both establish relevance with another and across that semantic bond share information.

It is possible this is what is happening with telepaths, mediums and sitters and so on. Apparitional agents in some cases may be establishing relevance bonds with others in the interactive cases such as with experimental and crisis apparitions. Haunting apparitional agents may influence the environment in such a way that others later reconstruct the informational relevance and through that access the relevant information space of the original agent thus sharing selective memories.

This introduces an important point: it links actions of the haunting apparitional agent (a living person don't forget) to a form of PK. So it appears that our inherent ability to influence our environments may make apparitions possible, whether they are interactive or haunting (residual). Thus there is a common mechanism. And once we admit that PK is used to produce the mechanics of the apparition, we see that the living are the likely candidates for more commonly recognizable phenomena, such as Poltergeists and related PK.

So from my pespective, the REAL SECRET to all forms of psi is that we seem to be able to varying degrees to perturb or influence not only our own material and mental worlds, but also those of others. Mental and material perturbation lies at the heart of all psi. It is, I think, the secret to everything.


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