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Croxteth Hall Haunting

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GHOULISH GOINGS-ON AT CROXTETH HALL - from the Liverpool Echo Down the ship canal( ),ghostbusters have been left spooked by CCTV footage appearing to show anapparition making its way through the grounds of a Merseyside statelyhome. The Liverpool Echo ( ) reports thatexperts drafted in to view footage from Croxteth Hall are stumped by theghoulish figure, which can be seen bathed in a luminous white glow. Theysay the short clip ( ( could prove to be some of themost important evidence of paranormal sightings ever unearthed.Messageboards are already abuzz with potentitial identities for theapparition (which looks to me like a fly on the camera, if I'm honest). One name put forward is the seventh Earl of Sefton, Hugh William OsbertMolyneux, who lived at the hall until he died, childless, in 1972.Another contender is the second Earl of Sefton, William Philip Molyneux,a prolific gambler and friend of the Prince Regent. He laid thefoundation stone for Aintree Racecourse, under which he placed a cask ofsovereign coins, in 1829. Local legend has it he stalks the grounds ofthe hall around Grand National time. Former Most Haunted ghost hunterand TV presenter Jason Karl has been drafted in to examine the footage.He told the Echo: "This is very intriguing. Video footage of phantoms isvery rare and if this stands up to scrutiny it could be a very importantpiece of spectral evidence for the worldwide community of paranormalenthusiasts." Council environment portfolio holder Berni Turner she waskeeping an open mind about the footage. "I'm a huge believer in theparanormal and think this footage is really interesting. It's great tothink that we may have ghosts walking around these beautiful grounds."

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Looks odd, but I wouldn't 

Looks odd, but I wouldn't  go so far as to name it as any of the earls yet, a phantom orange blob perhaps, it's easy to jump to conclusions about this kind of footage - could be a phantom earl but could be a hundred other things. Just playing Devils Advocate.

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Are there any explanations

Are there any explanations for what it could be?



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