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epping forest ghosts website

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my name is louise. and i have lived and have spent alot of my life in around epping forest in essex. i have heard alot about the forest mysterious side but never a place which keeps a record of them this is why i have set up this website. i would love it people would have a vist of it and leave any experinces you have had anywhere and if you have heard or experinced anything in the forest.

i have had a few experinces one where i used to work in a pub in the forest called the royal forest which has burned down once or twice and the only orginal part of the pub is the cellar, the pub is over 100 years. any way the story is a lady died in one of the fires and have got to calling her 'mary' there is a commadation upstairs and people have felt being watched and of genral unease. i was downstairs with another member of staff in the bottling up room talking about 'mary' and a bottle of juice fell of the pile and gave us a fright of our life. another time i was down the cellar alone changing the coke over and had a feeling of being watched intently.

My last expernince is with my nan who lives in colchester, i was about 5-6 and in the car with my nan going along a short cut behind the university there (the road is now closed) and saw a man wearing a light brown shirt and brown trouses riding a penny farthing. i asked my nan if people rode penny farthings around the uni and she had no idea what i was talking about.

Any way love to hear from people

Thanks Louise

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Re: epping forest ghosts website

I have visited Ambresbury Banks a few times, which is associated with Boudicca - It's (or was) a very atmospheric place, as the whole earthwork is overgrown with huge trees



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