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Ghost cat

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Have meant to post this previously but had an experience last week concerning this 'ghost cat' that I have to share;

All of the family and visitors have seen this cat, at times sitting by the main settee in the living room and quite often it runs up or down the stairs.  It is only distinct for a few seconds and then just vanishes.  We have all become very used to it and do not take that much notice.  We DO have a 'live' cat who does not appear to notice this 'vivitor'.

HOWEVER,  last Thursday morning at about 3.30 am, I got up to go to the loo - I never put on the light, as there is plenty from the street lamps and our 'live' cat was asleep on his cushion in my room - I always close the door to stop him coming out of the room anyway, I was just coming out of the bathroom onto the landing when I saw this medium sized cat and thought it was our live one, thinking I had not closed my bedroom door.

As I thought this, the cat brushed against my leg and I realised that it was not our 'live' cat, it was the ghost one.   It appeared to be medium sized and a darkish grey in colour.  I bent down to touch it and it walked away and just vanished.  Our 'live' cat was still fast asleep on his cushion!

I have mentioned before on Mysterious Britain that I am highly psychic but this is the first time that I have actually felt a 'ghost'  touch me - I have seen many 'ghosts' and have never been afraid and certainly am not of this one.

I am just intrigued into why it is here and why it showed itself so plainly this time.

The ''ghost cat' has been here since we lived in this house and  all the previous occupants did not have cats, so I don't know why it haunts our home.  We don't mind anyway.

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Re: Ghost cat

I've heard of, but never experianced, a ghost cat.  i seem to recall one or two incidents of this phenomina during the 19th century in England, though. Or am I misremembering?

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Re: Ghost cat

 This also happened to me in 1999 .. i saw a ghost cat on 3 occassions . i have never really talked about it with anyone apart from my ex girlfriend who also saw it. The ghost cat lived at her house  and thats the only place i saw it.. It was a shadow in the shape of a cat.. Its the only paranormal thing i have ever witnessed and i will never forget it even if other people do not believe me ..i know what i saw and it was definitely not a real cat .. so did i really see a ghost cat back in 1999 ? i am abolutely positive 



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