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Ghost Stories

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I recently had a discussion with someone who writes ghost stories.  He will take his inspiration from genuine locations and people, then write a fictional tale.  He told me that some times he just changes the location and people around, so his stories are good for anywhere and he has spent years spreading them around.

It has made me wonder about some of the older ghost experiences and how much of what we know is fact or fiction.  By taking what we know about ghosts from investigating them and comparing them to older claims of hauntings, can we identify potential genuine cases and frauds? Do ghost stories had certain identifyable motiffs, such a ghost coming back to show where a treasure is hidden? 

Any thoughts?

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Re: Ghost Stories

Hmmm… the idea of ghosts pointing the way to buried treasure might not be far off if it’s the type of haunting that simply does the same thing over and over again. Great wealth was a very important thing to some people, and bound to leave a certain amount of emotional residue. More so if violent acts are involved.

I seem to recall one in this area that, while it did not lead to treasure, per se, did lead to the discovery of some unmarked graves, all over 150 years old.

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