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Ghosts seem to follow my family!

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I don't know why but ghosts seem to play a large put in mine and my parents lives.
When I was a little girl (about 7) I lived with my parents and two older brothers in an ordinary terraced victorian house.
My brothers had the attic rooms and I was always up there playing cars with my brother. One evening I started walking down the spiral attic stairs to my room. It was quite dark as it was winter and as I turned the bend in the stairs I saw a very old man leaning against the bannisters that lead down to the ground floor. His face was covered with blood and it was on his shirt. All I remember is screaming and then my parents ran up the stairs and eventually managed to prise me from the bannister.
They told me I had imagined it and I remember being told "it was the light playing tricks through a window!" From that day on I started stuttering and have suffered from a very bad stammer all my life since.
Well a few months later I awoke in my bed and the man was standing at the foot of my bed watching me, I screamed again and was told I was dreaming.
A few years later and I was about 13, my family were sitting downstairs on the sofa. We had an open planned staircase so you could see the hall landing upstairs. Suddenly my mum gasped and when we all looked to the landing where she was looking, me, my brothers and dad saw a white figure walking along the landing.
My parents told me and my brothers after that they knew our house was haunted as soon as they moved in but did not want to scare us children. They always saw a shadow walking across the landing. Once our neighbours visited and they even saw the same thing!
Well through the years we would hear him often, walking down the attic stairs. Once my dad was in bed and heard someone walk down the attic stairs and into the bathroom. He assumed it was one of my brothers but when he didnt hear them go back up he went to see if they were ok and the bathroom was empty. As he crawled back into bed he heard footsteps from the bathroom back up the stairs!
When I was about 15 I got depressed and suicidal and my parents had an exorcism performed. We heard nothing else after that.
But the strange thing is that when my parents asked a man who had lived opposite all his life who used to live in our house he told them an amazing fact.
In the 60s an old couple lived in our house. The wife died and the husband got drunk every night after that. One day a neighbour saw the old man stumbling home and he tripped up the doorstep and cracked his head open on the tiles. The neighbour helped him indoors and simply left him sitting on the chair (didnt call for help as he didnt think his head looked too bad!)
A few days later the police were called as he had not been seen since. He was found sitting on the chair having bled to death with blood covering his clothes.
It sounds like a fictional horror story but my stutter certainly acts as proof that it happened! It was also corroborated by some surprised neighbours!

But thats not all, we seem to still choose houses, holiday homes, even roads to drive down that are haunted!

We have so far stayed in three haunted holiday homes (we always would choose little old cottages) One was in the New Forest and two were in Devon. Ranging from footsteps, my Nan (who was always adamant that ghosts were not real) saw an old man walk into a garden wall, a ghost black dog that showed up in a photo, a rocking chair that kept rocking....

We were driving along an old country road once on the way to Manston in Kent. It was around midnight and we saw in front of us a man dressed entirely in black with a black hat. We slowed down and he squeezed against the high bushes to let our car pass. My mum was driving but both me and my dad instinctly looked around as soon as we passed and he had vanished.

I am 30 now and our house we live in now is also perculiar. We have knocks on our living room door, books thrown down the stairs (which really annoy me because I am protective over my books!),lights that turn on. Once we went out leaving only the living room light on for our dog. We came home and the living room light was turned off but EVERY other light was turned on in the house including bedside lamps.

My parents house has its own goings on. My dad had a penny thrown at his back when he was alone in the kitchen, when my mum was sleeping in the spare room when my dad was snoring she heard heavy breathing in her ear. They also hear words uttered from a woman directly behind them but when they turn no one is there.

So thats it so far! My husband, son and I are moving to an old victorian house soon so who knows!
I just dont know why it seems that ghosts seem to be attracted to certain people and in my case our entire family!

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Re: Ghosts seem to follow my family!

I can say that my own family has long had a track record of moving into houses that the local people insisted were haunted.  Some of which have been, in our opinion, but most of which have not been.

Something of a joke motto is 'What New Horror This Time'?  (Dating back to finding six graves in a basement floor in Gettysburg, PA)

Of the ones I've lived in, Gettysburg (second house we lived in there, the house had been a field hospital), Pulaski (former whorehouse and site of several murders, including a spectacular shoot out around 1900) and Mercer (archological artifacts on site suggest relative contiuous occupancy for 10k years.  Since 1714, the earliest solid date on property, there has been enough drama to fill two cemetaries, also on the site) have had enough activity for me to feel they were genuinely haunted.
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