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He told he would come back and he did?

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I had a somewhat strange experience some years ago when I was about 18 years old. I had a friend whose dad was dying of Parkingsons, he wasn't a well man and my friend and her mum were meant to be his carers, but I don't think they were caring for him as they should and on reflection they weren't treating him that well. Her dad was lovely when he had insight and was with us, but then he would get lost; a horrid illness.

He didn't have a lot if time left you could see that; on an experiment with my tarots I told my friend when he would die, though I felt it wasn't the end of him. One day I was talking to him I called to my friend and she was not home, her dad let me in. I chatted with him for a while, he was poorly. He said to me ' when I die; I will come back for carrie and her mum' (my friend and her mum). I replied 'I bet you will'.

He died when I said he would and my friend and her mum were actually pleased; which was a bit of a shock to me, as when I lost my dad I was devastated. They sold of what little he had and they seemed pleased that things were all okay.

I was leaving my friends house one evening with a boyfriend after her dad died, I hadn't seen her much as I struggled with her attitude towards the death and she said she wouldn't go to the funeral either which really upset me. My boyfriend was walking me home and out of the blue it became very windy all of a sudden and leaves were thrown about; we looked at each other it was a bit odd as the night was fairly rested. Then he said 'look' as I looked to ward the front my friends dad was standing there a full white ghostly figure, shimmering. We both saw him that night. I said 'oh my god he said he would come back'.

That night I ran home and told my mum what we had seen. I went to my friends a couple of days later and was so excited about what we had seen. I told he her dad was back; she told me I was being stupid. I said no I am not, I said me and my boyfriend had seen him. She didn't believe me; afterwards she had a week of hauntings where pots and pans were being banged around in the night; he had called her in the night. They kept putting up christmas decorations and they kept coming down; on one occasion my friend said she had tried to run out the front door and some boxes had fallen in her path so she was not able to get to the front door. After he was buried these happenings stopped, but they did move to another place afterwards.

To top it all of though; she bought some wall paper for the new flat her and her mum were in and it had circular shadows over it; on one occasion the circle caught a funny light and I could see what looked like her dad's face in the circle (it was light angle). I then said 'oh your dad is still with you then'...  and afterwards we didn't see so much of each other but I remember that so so well and I was glad that he haunted them after how they had been to him!!!



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