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How Far Can A Ghost Haunt?

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When moving are apparitions restricted by distance? Some apparitions haunt specific rooms and don’t seem to be seen anywhere else, some are seen walking the length of corridor or ascending/descending stairs, therefore moving a further distance than the confines of a room. I dare say that some of the apparitions seen outdoors, such as the battlefield ghosts or horsemen can be seen moving further than the length of a generic corridor. What about longer distances? I got thinking about this when I found reports of people seeing WWII aircraft in two locations about 10 miles apart. Though these did not take place on the same day and the descriptions are not identical, could they be the same apparition/ghost and could it be haunting an area as large as ten miles?

(See the link below and zoom in the map to Wales where you can see the two haunting near Aberystwyth).

What about ghost ships? How far have witness accounts of these been from each other.

The further an apparition travels, the more likely it is to be seen by multiple people surely.



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