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I used to believe my old house was haunted, now I'm not so sure*.

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  The first house I ever lived in, in Bearsden, Glasgow, was apparently haunted by the spirit of a man named Jake or Jack Lyndsay who had died alone and an alcoholic in the house a couple of years before my parents moved in. Many things are supposed to have happened, mainly the disappearance and reappearance of objects, cold spots and the feeling of being watched('not alone' might be a better way of putting it, really). The man who installed the central heating, a friend of my dad's, absolutely refused to set foot in the house ever again after the work was done and would sit in his car outside if he ever had cause to come around. I myself remember being very scared of the cellar (but what kid isn't?)
        The reason I'm more sceptical now is that the house was in a general state of disrepair when my parents first got it, and in particular there was loads of bizarre graffiti, including slightly creepy messages directed at Lyndsay's (presumably estranged)child or children). I now think that the atmosphere in the house , along with personal problems in my extended family, could have contributed to people making up their minds too quickly, although I was 6yrs old when we left, so I obviously had little to no frame of reference to weigh the facts against.  The man himself had been at one time a well known sports cartoonist for Glasgow newspapers, so I was wondering if anyone had maybe even heard of this person, either in this world or in his further adventures!

*Incidentally, I am NOT a sceptic of the paranormal in general, and believe that there is a lot we do not know about this world, the next and the ones that run alongside either .

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Re: I used to believe my old house was haunted, now I'm not ...

Hi Jimijokk, there is nothing wrong with becoming skeptical or questioning things, infact, looking at events logically and in an unbiased way is probably the key to finding out exactly what did go on.  I've never heard of the man but I hope your enquiry does produce a few leads.



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