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New Light on Old Ghosts

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I STARTED THIS THREAD with the idea of possibly getting some new information on some well known ghost cases and other occurrences said to involve supernatural activity. 
Rather than just repeating many old stories and legends,  I am always anxious to update established cases of ‘ghostly activity’; indeed,  we have followed this approach with most investigations undertaken by the British Psychic and Occult Society.  Sometimes no information will be forthcoming, but often new witnesses will come forward with new accounts or information.
This certainly proved to be the case with many fairly well known hauntings: The Spaniards Inn,  Minsden Chapel, the Spectral Coach of Enfield, and the ‘ghostly monk’ reported to haunt Netley Abbey, to name only a few.
It is my intention to publish a 3rd edition of my ghost book “Dark Journey” next year, so any information anybody could give me in this respect, would be most welcome.
David Farrant, President, BPOS

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Re: New Light on Old Ghosts

Good idea David.  By the way, I've never heard of the Spectral Coach of Enfield, how old is that ghost?

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Re: New Light on Old Ghosts

I think the coach is another haunting linked to the Hanging Judge George Jeffreys, such as the The Town Of Ramsgate pub and many of the buildings associated with the Bloody Azzisses.  I'll have to get it up on the site at some point.

I'll see if any spring to mind David:) 

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Re: New Light on Old Ghosts

IN ENFIELD OLD TOWN, on the northern outskirts of London, there have been reports of a spectral black coach drawn by a team of phantom horses that rushes silently down bell lane and suddenly vanishes.

If legend is to be believed, the coach belonged to the evil ‘hanging judge’, Judge Jeffrey’s, who rides inside – the notorious 17th century Lord Chief Justice who believed in incarcerating and hanging political rebels until his own untimely death in the Tower of London brought an end to his reign of terror.

These reports of the coach, however, have been forthcoming for many years and it would appear sightings of it are usually at dusk or by night and that it is invariably seen travelling in a southerly direction.

One of the earlier reports on record relates that in1899, three factory girls from Ponders End on their way home from work witnessed the coach ‘rising out of the ground’ whereupon it sped off noiselessly with featureless passengers who could be seen through the windows.

In 1912, it was again reported by a lamplighter who saw it ‘passing through’ a house – presumably one that obstructed its original path.


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