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Secluded Haunted Locations - South East of England

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Hello All!

I am new to this forum but i have been very much into the paranormal for many years. I come here looking for some advice if possible.

Me and a friend are looking for somewhere new to visit and stay over night that has reports of previous haunting or paranormal goings on. A few years back we spent the night at Minsden Chapel and have been desperate to get out and see new places.

We are looking for somewhere relativly close to Essex but is a bit secluded so that camping out over night does not disturb any locals (Plus the more secluded the better as it will up the creepiness of it all).

I was wondering if anyone here can help at all? 

Many Thanks,


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Re: Secluded Haunted Locations - South East of England

Hello Alec and welcome to the forum.  There should be plenty of possibilities out there but I am unsure which fall on private land and whether camping is a likely option.  I'll give it some thought, but as I am based up North so to say, I may not be much help.



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