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Television Programme: Looking for Contributors

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Do you live in a Haunted House?

Are these spirits causing a problem?

Do you want to get rid of these entities?

Who you gonna call?


We are looking for people who are being terrorised in their own homes by the paranormal, or those who just can’t explain some of the truly terrifying and mysterious occurrences taking place under their own roof.

If you are experiencing ghosts, poltergeist activity or just the down right unexplainable, then please get in touch. Our investigation team, compiled of experts in the paranormal field, will look at what could be behind those incidents, and if the investigation team feel that it is an unsafe environment can call in their exorcist to expel these dark entities.

If you feel you would like our help then please reply with your name, address, contact details and information of the paranormal activity you are experiencing and we can get back to you.

We are also interested in areas that may have more than one haunting, so if you know if your neighbours or relatives also are experiencing ghosts then please pass on this email.

Please be aware that should you be chosen to take part you, you can do this anonymously.

So get in touch if you are Haunted at Home, and we will be able to help you get your home back. Just email with your details.

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Re: Television Programme: Looking for Contributors

I could call some people, but I'm on the wrong continent. 

Summum Nec Metuam Diem Nec Optima

Craig-y-Nos Castle

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