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Study To Be Launched Into NDE's

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Re: Isn't it said to be chemical
Kim wrote:

Isn't it said to be chemical changes in the brain? Along with side effect to numerous drugs.

However not being an expert or very well read on NDE's I can not comment further at mo ;o)

Well, why do these chemical changes take place only in the case of a few? Since the physiology of our brain is similar, why don't we all have a glimpse of a ghost. It sure would make life less humdrum than it is. 

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Re: Study To Be Launched Into NDE's

Not all our brains are identical though are they.  For instance some people suffer from epilepsy. 

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Re: Study To Be Launched Into NDE's

I am familiar with the argument that drugs given to a patient(eg morphine) can cause hallucinations, but I would like to share with you all the experience my mother had many years ago.
She was about 20 years old and was in the Royal Liverpool Hospital. This would be about 1947.She was dying of Rheumatic fever.Antibiotics had only just become available for the civilian population-she was not on any other medication.She was saved in the nick of time, whilst a young mother of 22 died of the same condition in the next bed.
She had an OBE and looked down at herself in the hospital bed and heard her sister say "she's fading" and "I think she has gone".
Well, she survived but never forgot the experience.
Sadly today she is in a Hospice dying of pancreatic cancer, but she has no fear of death as she said it isn't too bad.


Always keep an open mind about things; But make sure your brain doesn't fall out.

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Re: Study To Be Launched Into NDE's

My dad had a NDE.
In his early 20s he was a keen motorbiker and seeing as crash helmets did not legally HAVE to be worn he used to speed around with a cowboy hat on...
Anyway, one day he was riding along a country road (probably going a tad too fast), turned a corner and ran straight into a milkfloat that was coming out of someones drive.
He flew over the top of the float and landed in the road. The ambulance was called and he was pronounced dead at the scene and covered over.
After a few minutes however an ambulance worker saw his leg twitch - they thought it was nerves but checked to make sure and sure enough there was now a heartbeat.
He fully recovered in hospital - he didnt even have any broken bones amazingly.
But when he awoke he told how as soon as he hit the float everything went black. He then saw a a small light which grew into a tunnel. He seemed to be inside this tunnel and flashing before his eyes were images of various stages of his life. The next thing he knew was that he awoke in hospital.
My dad is a VERY down to earth type of man and only talks about this if you ask him and then he doesnt even seem to think its of much interest! But I have always found it fascinating.

A funny (well not funny really) part of this story is that when he awoke in hospital one of the first things he said was "wheres my mate that was on the back of me?"
Apparently his best mate had been on the back of the bike. The area was searched but he was nowhere to be found. It only came to light a few days later that his mate had landed in the field and had hobbled home with a broken ankle!



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