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Casting Spells

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Re: Casting Spells
Sian wrote:

The rather humourous ending to this story, was that the blind priest, performed the blessing, but whilst doing so had to throw holy water into each room in the flat.  Being blind he couldn't see the rooms, and at one point was throwing it across the living room and down the back of the TV.  I watched in horror and had to make the decision. 

1.  Did I yell stop, and risk being stuck with George as I now called him for evermore?

2. Try and explain to my insurance company that my colour TV blew up after a blind priest threw holy water down the back of it, whilst exorcising my poltergeist?

I went for the later, but just lied about the reasoning... I couldn't face the screams of hysterical laughter down the phone.


It's a lot easier then explaining to the insurance adjuster (or worse, your family doctor) that you were injured by an angry ghost.  I still remember poor Chris trying to explain how he fell and broke his shoulder, leg, arm, and several, lesser, though no less painful, injuries when he got tossed off the top of a building. 

Summum Nec Metuam Diem Nec Optima



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