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Fiji Freemasons jailed over witchcraft claim

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Alison Topham
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Just reading this article on the BBC website about a group of freemasons that were kept over night in jail after local's complained about them practising witchcraft (- they were all released the following day on the orders of the Prime Minister).

Having grown up with freemasonry openly discussed in the family I know a bit about the tradional and rituals, although been of the female gender I'm not privvy to the actual meetings. Still, I never thought back then that it was anything sinister or linked to witchcraft, it just wouldn't have crossed my mind.

But common misconception is rife about anything ritualistic, secret and unknown and does then lead to misunderstanding.

I wonder what those who don't have any knowledge of freemasonry think goes on in the rituals and meetings, I suspect it won't live up to their imaginations!

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Ian Topham
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Re: Fiji Freemasons jailed over witchcraft claim

I suppose this a dange all secret societies face.  If you are too secretive and don't explain what you are doing, then some people will get suspicious and will probably think the worst of you. 



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