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James W
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People tend to think of the 'occult' as something which is locked in history and tradition - for example Witch Stones, Standing Stones, Crossroads, Black Cats....things that can be found hidden away in attics, rural villages and the memories of the elderly: the sort of quaint, by-gone dark knowledge that is looked upon with bemusement by most of society, and which is today only practised by cranks and eccentric souls. But I think that is a rather false view. It has been said that the Devil's greatest trick is persuading people that he doesn't exist, and so too - methinks - with active modern occult practices. In some modern towns and cities there are structures, symbols and networks that are so pervasive (in architecture, street names, culture...) as to go unnoticed. My own home town of Milton Keynes is one such place (some of which is explored on my website), but I also know that places such as Leeds are also said to be full of subtle references, as well as numerous other locations, movies, programes, pop-stars etc.....

Can anyone add to the list?




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