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Strange Tracks

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The Devils Footprint  article on this site does attract a lot of attention and every now and then pictures of strange tracks are sent in for our opinion.  I am no renowned tracker and the following ones from Texas have me baffled.

"These pics were taken a month or so ago by a friends husband....for some reason they got to talking about them again because the guy he was with is still pretty freaked out about it (religious/superstitious) and I asked them to text me the pics....We are in Odessa, Texas and this was taken off of a country road 1936

These tracks go on and on. we thought maybe they were caused by a log rolling or an ostrich....but they go on and on in a straight line...tracks are wrong size to be ostrich and the brush is not damaged at all by something that would have been rolling through it.

By the way these are about as big as if a woman's hand were splayed out....pretty big. the only way I knew how to describe it is that it looks like a two legged cow was walking backwards."

Click images to enlarge them.

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Re: Strange Tracks

Ostrich in America?  I thought they lived in Africa.  Is anything missing from a nearby private or exotic collection?

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Re: Strange Tracks

Ostriches are commonly raised as livestock in some parts of of the American southwest. 

However, can't really comment on what made them.  Without a frame of reference in the picture, it's hard to say how big they are, and how long the stride is.

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