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Time Slips/Strange Experiences at Ancient Monuments around Hay-on-Wye?

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I'm curious to know if any-one has had any time slip or strange experiences at ancient monuments around Hay-on-Wye.
A friend told me about something that had happened to the wife of a friend of hers.
They near Hay-on-Wye.
One evening the husband came home from work  to find his wife sitting on the stairs in a terrible state.
She had gone out that morning to explore an prehistoric megalith somewhere in the area 
( although my friend wasn't told the name of the site).
Whilst there something strange happened.  The landscape changed, familair landmarks disappeared and she was aware of strange figures.
She had no idea how she got home and had been out all day but wasn't aware how much time had passed.
Her husband left his job to study strange phenomena at ancient sites.
My friend used to work with this man.  They were both chemists.  She was surprised when he left his job and eventualy found out why.  He didn't want to say any-thing as he thought he would get laughed at.

There are a few megalithic monuments around Hay-on-Wye.  It would be interesting to know if any-one else has experenced any-thing odd at any of them.

Little Lodge


Clyro Court

Arthur's Stone

Pen Y Beacon


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Re: Time Slips/Strange Experiences at Ancient Monuments ...

I don't remember hearing of any time slip incidents relating to sites around Hay-on-Wye, but I'll see if I dig anything up.  I love Hay-on-Wye but have only been there twice and only visited Arthurs Stone of the above mentioned sites.

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Re: Time Slips/Strange Experiences at Ancient Monuments ...

Thank-you.  The next time I see my friend I will see if I can get a bit more information.


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Re: Time Slips/Strange Experiences at Ancient Monuments ...

In summer 2011 I visited Tregwehelydd Standing Stone, LLantrisant, Anglesey and walked round it nine times, something I've never done before at any other site and I don't know what compelled me to do so here, then the friend I was with yelled out Look over there and I looked across the fields and could see what looked like Valle Crucis. We both saw cloisters, walls and windows. It was wonderful, three dimensional yet ephemeral and bathed in a lilac glow and the sun glinting. It was obviously an old abbey, and Valle Crucis is the closest image I've found to what we both saw. We were amazed that we'd never seen this place before despite living in Anglesey and we were surprised it wasn't famous. At this point we still believed it existed physically. We didn't think to take pictures and we never thought to look back as we left the Stone. We rushed back to the car to try to find what we'd seen. The farmer whose land the Stone is on directed us to the ruins of a church. Although this church turned out to be exactly in the field where we'd seen Valle Crucis, it turned out to be a site we'd already seen and while it is a very beautiful old church it was most definitely not what we'd seen from the Stone. We couldn't explain what we'd seen and thought maybe it was a mirage or something. Last week we returned to the Stone and I went round it nine times. Nothing happened. I returned next day alone and went round it nine times. It was then that a nearby farm appeared transposed to where the church is, the church itself having vanished. I went round the Stone nine times anti-clockwise and both farm and church were back in their normal places. Next day I returned with a friend (not the original one) and the exact transposition thing happened again. Next day (day before yesterday) I returned alone and went nine times clockwise and nothing happened at all. We don't take drugs of any kind. We just like looking at ancient wells, churches, stones and cairns. Has anyone any idea what happened and what caused it, please? Thanks for reading.

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Re: Time Slips/Strange Experiences at Ancient Monuments ...

I have been researching time slip phenomena in a Suffolk village (the vanishing houses of Rougham) and evidence has emerged suggesting a connection between such events and earth energies (now established as torsion field effects),  It is known that most ancient sites are sited very precisely upon such currents of energy and are probably intended to intensify or control them.  Cocacolamars's experience suggests that maybe round dances, known in cultures all over the world, are not merely religious rituals but actually are intended to elicit specific effects. (I have come across a case where circling one way seemed to elicit a time slip and going the other way ended it -- in that case a small girl going around a house).

I would really appreciate more info on Cocacolamars's experience, and if  Senua has got contact with her friend's ex workmate, now studying such happenings in ancient sites, I would love to be able to get in touch with him and share information.



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