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One From Facebook

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Ian Topham
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This picture was posted on the The Mysterious Britai & Ireland Facebook Group. by Yocker.  It would appear that sometime looks to be coming from the beer glass.Click To EnlargeClick To Enlarge


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Re: One From Facebook

There is blurring here that might be caused by the notorious 'night scene mode' many cameras have. This mode combines flash with a long exposure. It causes all sorts of weird photos with crisp flash illuminated objects mixed with light sources (or reflections) that get blurred and look strange.

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Re: One From Facebook

I must say as looking to the right hand side of the photograph there appears to be the same phenominom (bo-bo-boo-bo-bo) so im not entirely convinced that  as mystery shopper says it isnt some problem witht he flash, exposure... or if its a non digital camera... double exposure

but alas im no expert... and far be it from me to say if its genuine or not... personally i think its some sort of photographical error...


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Re: One From Facebook

I must agree, I don't think it is anything paranormal, but it's a good example of a strange photograph.  Must have been some powerful stuff in that glass :)

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Re: One From Facebook

Given the lighting in the background, since I don't know what's actually in the glass, I'll suggest that it might be the effervesce of the drink catching the light from whatever is illuminating the background. Or possibly a small water droplet illuminated by same on the lens.

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Re: One From Facebook

eeeshk! i don't like the look of that. i tend to see the sinister side in things too much maybe but that doesn't look normal to me. gives me the shivers.



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