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Chinese Lanterns

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My son got a set of Chinese lanterns over Christmas, these are the ones that are on the advert(can’t remember what for)  on telly (like mini hot air balloons). I didn’t actually think you could buy them and it brought back memories of making my own when I was a kid after Reading Roald Dahls ‘Danny The Champion of the World’ (my attempts mostly ended in an inferno)
Anyway my point – if these are now readily available they could well be an explanation for a lot of UFO sightings given that they glow orange, may be set off in groups and will disappear when the fuel runs out. I imagine they could be visible from quite a distance. You can only use them on still evenings, but how would you rule them out from UFO sightings? Would it not be hard to prove that they were or were not involved in sightings?

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Ian Topham
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Re: Chinese Lanterns

There have been many UFO sightings that have been explained away as Chinese lanterns now.



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