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Government To Destroy UFO Files

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Re: Government To Destroy UFO Files

They don't investigate UFO sights any more so there is no point them having UFO reports at all. It is a pity there isn't a central, well publicised place for people to send reports where they will be responsibly investigated.

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Re: Government To Destroy UFO Files

According to Jenny Randles all reports collected before 1962 were destroyed sometime in late' 60s without too much fanfare. Of course the MOD doesn't have a spotless record as far as UFO reports are concerned (back in the early '80s they even denied having any on file whasoever) but as Randles herself said this has probably more to do with the MOD's own labyrinthine bureaucracy than some crazy conspiracy theory.
As far as I have been able to collect the MOD rarely if ever investigated a case: most of them were just given a protocol number and filed away. Again, this may have more to do with bureaucracy than anything else. Dr Allen Hynek related very well the depressing nature of this business in his UFO Report.
This leaves us with France as the only nation with a government funded official body devoted to the study of unknown aerial phenomena. The Russians probably inherited the former Soviet program but have never been particularly forthcoming with foreigners while the Brazilians shut down their own somewhere in the '90s: the Brazilian Air Force had a task force which could be airlifted anywhere in the country in 24 hours and which collected some very interesting material, especially during the 1977 "flap" near Baja do Sol. This material has proven to be impossible to obtain: again bureaucracy should be blamed over sinister plots.

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