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I have been looking at a bright moving light for the past 2 months with my wife and we cannot explain it! I can see from my back yard a vry bright light that is buillt up of 4 separate lights (red and Blue/white) it comes at least once a week and stays in the air for about 6 hours at a time it is very strange... seems to be looking for something ( has search, checked on the map and it seems to be located over the mayfield US base outside leeds, but when observed from a telescope it seems to be in space ** I need and EXPERT ** i have crushed all options of what else it could be.. i have contacted the MOD and still awaiting a call back after 2 months, please contact me for a viewing I feel that my system will be blocked in the next few days as it has been a struggle just to post this mail for give the spellings.. leon 07878521739

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you all looking for UFO's here is one that moves like clockwork

It an't going to be here foreever..

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Similar case

Hi Leon.
A few years ago I investigated a similar case: a bright stationary light, definetely not a star was seen by some people for a period of time. A little investigation turned out it was a large, brand new stainless steel antenna reflecting moonlight.
The base you are referring to is most likely Menwith Hill, nominally an RAF Station but run by the secretive US National Security Agency (NSA). Personally I suspect your UFO is in reality a battery of anticollision lights (the colors match) set atop some kind of antenna, maybe a collapsible one which is not usually seen during daylight hours. Contacting the base management probably won't do you much good, given the NSA's record.
A good idea may be contacting the commitee running the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB): and have a talk with them about this curious activity.
Please note that the NSA is not new to these shady activities: during an investigation following a spate of spontaneous fires in Sicily (the case was covered extensively by the BBC) an NSA listening post, authorized by the Italian government but kept secret from the public, was discovered a few miles from the site of the fires. Personally I doubt they had anything to do with the fires, but gives a good measure of what goes on around us.


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Hi Leon, welcome to

Hi Leon, welcome to the website.  I can't really add to Mauro's advice above at the moment :). 

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