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More UFO Files released

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More UFO files released to general public, see BBC link below

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While I commend the persons

While I commend the persons who fought to have this material released I cannot help thinking about what the late Dr Allen Hynek said: "Most of this material consists in reports such as "Sergeant Brown saw a strange light in the sky last night". The CO simply has orders to send reports about strange aerial phenomena to a list of addresses: it's not his duty to investigate or decide which reports are worth of further attention. It will be up to the recieving party to decide what to do with them". I'd like to add that the reports are usually given a protocol number and filed, never to see the light of day again.
Like many other UFO/UAP enthusiasts and researchers I strongly believe that data gathering by government agencies has been going for at least fifty years all over the world, despite allegations to the contrary. The French have made this official with their GEPAN program and the Brazilian Air Force has gathered much good material, though it's still unavailable to the public (probably due to the labyrinthine bureaucracy of Latin American countries).
The MoD is slowly releasing part of their enormous files on the matter proving once and for all that there was more than a passing interest in "flying saucers" back in the '60s.
Personally I'd like to read, if they'll ever be made available to the  public, the reports filed by radar operators and military pilots filed during the Cold War. It's well known that the RAF and the FAA, pretty much like any other air force, sent fighter planes to get a closer look to UFOs/UAPs and tried to get radar locks on them and this gave rise to all kinds of phantastic stories. Until now only the Belgians and Iranians confirmed sending fighter planes to get a closer look to UFOs and to have obtained radar locks. 


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