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Stourbridge Triangle UFO 30th March 2009

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David Plant
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Time: 12:10am Lye, Stourbridge.

I personally witnessed a large triangular-shaped flying object, totally dark, no lights between the size of a private jet and a 737. It was about 2 - 300 feet up and travelling very slowly; South to Northerly direction - the object totally blanked out the stars when I observed it through my binoculars and I followed it for about 10 - 15 seconds before going out of view from my stairs window. (I was star viewing before you get the wrong idea about me!) It did not make any noise whatsoever. About 10 to 15 minutes thereafter the area was circled by a helecopter for about 20 mins, could have been the West Mids Police helecopter following my dodgy neighbours but who knows.

I'd be interested if anyone else has seen anything, particularly around the same time - date etc.

My wife suggested that it's the US Aurora SR91 doing recon runs before the G20!


David Plant - Stourbridge

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Ian Topham
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Hi Dave, I don't know enough

Hi Dave, I don't know enough about the Aurora but hopefully somebody here can offer some suggestions.

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Hi David. I suggest you pick

Hi David. I suggest you pick up a copy of your local newspaper: there may be more people reporting this event. I had a look at the online edition of the Express & Star but had no luck: maybe the paper edition has a short article in the Stourbridge section. Your local library should be able to help.
You could also give a call to the West Mids Police to hear if they had a "chopper" in the area at that hour of the night. Most departments keep very detailed flight records in case someone complains or asks for more information.

Anyway your sighting is very consistent with the "Flying Triangle" type of UFO discussed previously on this forum. As I said before I cannot offer explanations apart from the seemingly solid nature of these objects.

Aurora? It's a hot topic in the "alternative" circuit but as usual I am very cautious. Yes, there was a report from an North Sea oil rig about a "Flying Triangle" refuelling from a tanker aircraft but that's the only report of this kind we have so it should be taken cum grano salis.


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I'm curious as to how you

I'm curious as to how you knew the height and size of the object, David, given that you didn't know what it was?

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Re: Stourbridge Triangle UFO 30th March 2009

i no this is a long time after this was posted but the other day i saw this it was in the early howersoff the moring like 4 30 about and i woke up with the baby, when she got back to sleep i wentout side to have a fag befor going back to bed as i looked up over the house on the other side off the road i saw a triangle ufo fly other ther house it made no sound and was not that high at all it had no light or anythink, it was really fast i saw it for about 15 seconds really as it flew off other towards the park and then out of site, well it had been on my mind for a few days so thurt i would google ufo stourbridge and this came up, i no its some time after but it sound so alike to what i saw



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