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Perry Cambridgeshire

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Hello to all who use this forum. 

I am new to this forum and therefore I will set out my reason for joining this forum.

I often visit Grafham Waters in Huntingdonshire and it is whilst walling around the village of Perry, I always detect an uneasy feeling whilst walking past a smaller car park just outside of Perry - I think its the 'Mander' car park.

I have had this feeling before and found, to my surprise, there is a reason for this.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Does this area have historical significance?

Please help?



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Re: Perry Cambridgeshire

hello Nick
I'm not familiar with that area, but on googling it, I realised that Gafham Water is a reservoir.
you know when you have this strange feeling-how far are you from the water?
You might like to read an interesting article about water holding memory on the parascience website


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Re: Perry Cambridgeshire

Hi indiagold, 
thanks for sharing that article, Hmmmm!!  yes a very interesting theroryI never thought of
that,  any other members have any comments to make,  it could make an interesting


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Re: Perry Cambridgeshire

Grafham Church is in there, underwater.  Is that the cause of the uneasy feeling?

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Re: Perry Cambridgeshire

 Thanks for the recent comments and thoughts.

I've looked into the parish history of the area, however, this has not thrown much light upon any possible source of my uneasiness.

There is mention of a local 'gallows' in the Grafham area, however, no accurate position is discussed.

The comments about Grafham Church are VERY'd be useful to try to ascertain the area where this church remains.

The article about water 'holding' memories is interesting also.  There is much recorded evidence of spirit activities/hauntings near water throughout the UK.

Thanks for the input...I'll keep looking.


Nick Wells

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Re: Perry Cambridgeshire

 Hi Indiagold.

I've been thinking about the comments that made in respect to water 'holding; memories.

If I consider that Grafham Water is a working reservoir...the water being constantly used...could the water still hold memories?

I know this is a bit deep (excuse the pun)...however, surely moving or new water might not be around long enough to 'absorb' memories?  Am I making sense?

Have a think about this.  I'm not trying to undermine or debunk any proposed theories, however, the fact that the water is in a constant state of replenishment, could it retain 'memory'?



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