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Thetford, Norfolk

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Ian Topham
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I found the following link to a pdf with a haunted trail around Thetford in Norfolk.

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Daniel Parkinson
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Re: Thetford, Norfolk

I wonder if there is a trail that takes in the most 'haunted/mysterious' locations in the shortest length. I imagine London or York etc would be the best candidates for creating one, if we discount Plucklet as a recent invention.

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Re: Thetford, Norfolk

Thetford is an interesting place to visit. There's a massive Iron Age fort there, and you can also see where Dad's Army was filmed.

Thetford was the birthplace of Thomas Paine, who is one of the most underrated Englishmen of all time. At least in his home country, where they seem to prefer celebrating the tyrannical Tudors!



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