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The Landshut wedding is a historic Festival and takes place in the city of Landshut, traditionally since the year 1475. The feast is celebrated every four years, with the next date to the year 2013. Photo Copyright: In 2012 bridesmaid dresses the Landshut wedding visitors can enjoy again on many festive highlights. All nights of the five-day Festival are suckling pig on campfires and the guests entertained until the late evening hours with medieval music, jugglers and storytellers. Festive games and dances accompany the feast at various points of the show, as for example in the Landshut old town or on the castle grounds. When the night masquerade, the story is told by Asinus, on several days of the Landshut wedding party, musical and expressive dancing. The masquerade is based on beach wedding dresses a novel from the 14th century. The festive spectacle reached its absolute peak with the historic wedding procession, traditionally dressed participants will be involved in which over 2000. The skittle-alley and bridesmaid dresses Ritterspiele in historical clothing on the tournament course are held directly in the wedding procession following.



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