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The Grey Coat Hospital School, City of Westminster

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I came across a reference on the Paranormal Database saying the school was haunted by a nurse who was murdered there.

This murder took place in 1773 and the following appeared about it in the Bath Journal on 11 March 1773.

Monday night an inhuman murder was committed on the body of Alice Martin, a nurse at the Grey Coat hospital, Tothill-fields, by a young man named Lockington, apprentice to a cabinet maker, who stabbed her in several parts of the body, afterwards cut her throat from ear to ear. Some persons alarmed by the cry of murder, found the door secured, and got in at the window by a ladder, when they almost detected the villain rifling the dead body, who left his hat, and the knife with which he committed the murder behind. The prisoner is not twenty years of age, and confessed that, instigated by covetousness, he alone perpetrated the horrid fact. He was committed to Newgate.

However, I cannot find any refernce to any actual experiences at the school that supports the notion that it may be haunted.  Has anybody else heard about it?



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