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Haunted Liverpool: Tom Slemen

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I’ve enjoyed Tom Slemen’s Haunted Liverpool books which feature all manner of paranormal tales from an early age. I’ve lost count how many have been published to date….15 perhaps? However, as the series has progressed I’ve increasingly found the stories to become far fetched and less believable. Has anyone with knowledge of these books found this? Still, on the whole a great read. I’d also be interested to know if there are similar authors who deal exclusively with local paranormal tales in other regions.

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Re: Haunted Liverpool: Tom Slemen

I have only read a few pages of one of his books though one of my work colleagues at work probably owns most of them after having gone to college in Liverpool. As far as I am aware Tom did a radio slot in which many people would submit their stories to him, however, I dare say most of these would impossible to verify or research properly and no doubt he has just put together whatever he could from these reported experiences. As I said though, I have not really read them and do not know Mr Slemen, though from what I have heard his books are enjoyable.

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Re: Haunted Liverpool: Tom Slemen

Yes he does collect stories from the public. I've seen people go up to him and relate their experiences. As Ian said this can make them hard to check out, particularly as the events may have occurred in the distant past. Inevitably, people's memories can be faulty and indeed they may embellish the "facts".
I know of one person who knew precisely what had occurred and where(he was living there at the time in Kirkby), but the facts in the haunted liverpool book were faulty.
you might enjoy Raymond Castrogiovanni's book "Through the looking glass".
he is a Merseyside based pyschic or used to be.
Richard Felix went on a ghost tour around Britain - one of the books that were produced is "The haunted tour of Britain-Merseyside" and I believe there are books by him for other areas.


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