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the boggart of weeton

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im a new member
and i love  myth mysteries legends etc.

I am an artist and i live in the countryside
i live close very close to the boggart of weetons original lair.
I want to write and illustrate a book about this.

im stumped as to how to create this creature, i want it to be a realistic portrayal and not something childish as my trees and undergrowth are of a very real  but also enchanted nature.

i would appreciate it if anyone could point me towards any information or even stories or sightings they may have had about ther boggart..
once i have this firmly in hand i can begin to place him/it in its environment


the story goes hes hairy like a calf.

Elizabeth xxx


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Ian Topham
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Re: the boggart of weeton

Hi Elizabeth, welcome to the site. Boggart is an old regional term for a type of spirit or ghost. Some old ghost stories also refer to hairy ghosts, which I think may refer to the ghosts of animals. I'll have to see if I can anything specific about teh Weeton Boggart.

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Re: the boggart of weeton

 Why thankyou x

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