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The Branthwaite Neuk Boggle, Cumbria

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According to a newspaper article by Sarah Newstead that appeared in the News & Star on 28 September 2011 entitled 'Is Cumbria The Most Haunted?'

Caldbeck is a magnet for spooks that walk among us, if the stories are to be believed.
Kathleen Ashbridge is a member of the Caldbeck & District Local History Society. Around 1910, her aunt kept an exercise book of jottings. Two of the pages are devoted to ghostly local happenings. In it she states: “The Branthwaite Neuk Boggle, in the form of a big black dog still haunts one short stretch of road.

“It appears from a holly bush in the hedge, then disappears into one a little way off.”
The writer also warns: “The flat ghost appears in white lately. The ruins of the house from which it came have been cleared, so somewhere there is a displaced apparition.”



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