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Surrey Shaggy Dog, Great Bookham

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We recently received the following report of an experience that took place earlier this week.  Any thoughts anyone?

I was wondering if you could give me some more information about something that happened today. About 9pm this eve I was walking with my dad and dog over Norbury Park, in Great Bookham, Surrey (the track that ajoins dorking road and Crabtree Lane). We were watching foxes playing in the field, when I noticed a large dog shaped figure in the middle of the track. It was large, at least 3-4 foot high, very shaggy looking and had brown fur. it was quite blurry.I tried to scare it off, as I was scared it would be nervous and attack it. But my dad could not see it and our own dog was not fussed. I thought it was a trick of the light, so tried my dad's glases but it remained. We walked towards it and it remained till I was about 2 meters from it. It never became clear it remained a blurry aparation. Were it was for about 5 meters was icy cold. even my dad who really doesnt believe in these things said so. It was like walking into a freezer. We walked on, and looking back I could see it again about 3 meters away. it remained the entire time. I stayed and patted a horse with my dad up the track before turning off. All the time it remained at the same place.

I've been looking on the internet tonight, there is a lot about black dogs, but very little about shaggy brown ones. I did not feel very scared of it. i felt it was more nervous of us. I went to the same spot today, and it was completely different. Felt much warmer, smelt of the honey suckle. I've found the name of the track we were on, its Admiral's Walk that joins Polsden Lane and joins onto a track called Hogden Lane. I went to the library today, to look up old records. The track has been in use since saxon times, and apparently there have been sightings of a big brown shaggy creature before... any comments on what it was would be greatly appreciated. Do storms make things like this appear more often?

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Re: Surrey Shaggy Dog, Great Bookham

Have you got any information on the other sightings?

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Re: Surrey Shaggy Dog, Great Bookham

The other sighting was in an old book at bookham library it was literally a few sentences saying that a brown shaggy dog had been seen running along track round there before. Although what i saw was quite still.



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