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Jervis House, Bath

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The following is taken from 'The Haunted Homes and Family Traditions of Great Britain' by John Ingram (1897).  But where is Jervis House?

In All the Year Round for January 1868, attention is drawn to the fact that Bath is "a perfect nest of ghosts”. Amongst its haunted houses is Jervis House, described as a handsome country seat, possessed of a traditional ghost, and as a building about two centuries old, standing in extensive grounds, within which is a large ornamental lake, with a treeless island in the centre of it. "A gentleman who was on a visit for the first time at Jervis House, a year or two ago” says this writer, " observed to his host at breakfast, 'I see there is no bridge accommodation with your little island.'


"I thought, too, you told me you had at present no boat on the lake?”

"Nor have I,” replied his friend. “Why?”

“How, then, do ladies effect the passage?”

The host hesitated.

"Ladies?” he repeated; “do you mean”

"I mean, my good friend, that I noticed a lady walking on the island this morning, so early that I wondered at her fancy. She passed entirely round, and crossed it twice, so that I could not possibly be mistaken”

"You have seen the Jervis ghost,” said his friend curtly.

"And the subject was dismissed."

Of course, this is a very tantalizing" finale, but all our efforts to obtain any further information for the benefit of our readers about Jervis House, or its ghostly tenant, have proved fruitless.



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