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Israel Gazetteer

Dotan Road Hitchhiker

In 1996, Abdul Alhazrad a man who lived in the Arab town of Jenin was travelling along the road to Dotan when he picked up a hitchhiker who got into the front passenger seat. Shortly after resuming the journey, the driver turned to look as his passenger and was shocked to see that his face had taken on the appearance of a dog with one eye. He wore dark clothing and had floppy dangling ears. Read More »

Haifa Mermaid

The following article entitled 'Mermaid Fever Makes A Splash In Israel' appeared on the Sky News Website 11 August 2009, written by Dominic Waghorn (Middle East correspondent) Read More »

Kfar Hawald Encounter 1996

On October 20, thirty three year old Eli Hawald, had a UFO encounter in the village of Kfar Hawald. According to Barry Chamish, journalist and Israel based UFO Investigator ‘The tiny village has no electricity and when Eli Hawald went outside at 11:00 PM, all was too clear for him. "Out of nowhere I saw a gigantic green light, the colour of a traffic light, fall out of the sky. Read More »

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