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Farsight Paranormal Research Society

Farsight Paranormal Research Society (or Farsight PRS) is a team of investigators, brought together by their common interest and that all believe in finding reputable and solid evidence of the paranormal. Founded more recently in March 2009 at the request of friends, Ashley Knibb soon saw its potential and began to put together his team. Selecting them for their qualities and abilities they would bring to his team. He wanted his team to approach each investigation professionally and cover everything in each case they would face.

The main mission of Farsight PRS is to thoroughly investigate the paranormal, utilising all possible methods available. Covering the scientific, historical, spiritual and individual angles. With attention to detail and perspective we aim to prove or disprove paranormal claims.

We hope to investigate many known locations, some locations with local ghost stories attached and with any luck some currently active hauntings.

I am happy to admit that Farsight PRS is in its infantcy and also has the support and advice of many of its friends in the paranormal world. This includes the excellent advice and guideance from ISP. This is a situation and setup which has developed historically, as the original Farsight Files was developed with the assistance of ISP Co-Founder Jim Bridgeman.

Farsight PRS began life as a part of Ashley's blog which was created off of the back of the Farsight Files. When Ashley Knibb first returned to and began investigating the paranormal, he refered to each location or ghost story as a kind of case file. This soon developed into Farsight Files, which soon became a blog. After a slight nudge from an old school friend, Farsight PRS seemed the next step and was soon developed.




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