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Haunted Yorkshire Paranormal Research (HYPR)

"Haunted Yorkshire Paranormal Research" HYPR for short, is a paranormal investigation and research group which was founded by Dawn Stead in December of 2005.

The HYPR team members have been actively investigating paranormal phenomena & other strange occurrences ever since.  HYPR( UK) is a totally non profit organisation. We have always operated in this fashion and always will, so at no point will we ask for any payments - our services are free.

We also pride ourselves on offering a totally confidential service for our clients, which means that at no point will any names, addresses, photographs/footage which may compromise anyones identity, will be disclosed/released to the general public via our website or blog, unless a client has told us it is OK to do so, and signed a waiver clearing HYPR to disclose that information.

HYPR have investigated many different locations throughout the Yorkshire region, including two properties on separate military bases in the north Yorkshire area.

The more interesting places we have investigated include a castle and abbey's.

For further information and to contact us through our website.




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